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Aircon Regas – Car Air Conditioning Recharge & Repair

Air Conditioning Recharge

Car air conditioning not only helps to keep us cool on those hot summer days, it also helps to keep out external pollutants such as pollen and helps to demist your windscreen. However, just like most other parts of your vehicle, car air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal working order. In particular, the refrigerant gas needs to be topped up – or recharged – at least every couple of years, even if you don’t use your car that much.

Aircon Regas

At Hampton Motors we can repair and recharge your car air conditioning as required. We will check its operation, carry out a gas recharge if required, and locate any faults which may be causing ineffective operation. Once located, we can advise and carry out the best course for repair.

Aircon Recharge Costs

Our standard aircon regas fee is £45 and the job can be completed while you wait with a hot tea or coffee.

If you feel that the air conditioning in your car or van isn’t as effective as it used to be, or if it hasn’t been serviced for a while, contact Hampton and book your vehicle in for an aircon regas.

Car Air Conditioning Recharge