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Tyre Supply & Fitting Services in Warrington

Tyre problems can be infuriating. We’ve all at some point gone out to our car or van only to find one of the tyres is flat. At Hampton Motors in Warrington we understand you’ll want to get your tyre fixed quickly and get on with your day. We will always do our utmost to get your tyre replaced at a time to suit you. While you’re waiting for us to attend to your tyres, Warrington town centre is only 5 minutes away so you could do a bit of shopping if you preferred.

Tyre Fitting

Tyre Fitting

At Hampton Motors in Warrington, we can supply and fit an extensive range of new tyres from quality manufacturers such as Michelin & Goodyear and also offer a good range of budget tyres to suit every requirement.

Most sizes of tyres are available for fitting the same day so please call us for a quotation and compare our fully inclusive prices. The price we quote includes fitting and balancing of the replacement tyre and a replacement valve (as necessary).

It has been noted that more and more customers are sourcing tyres from alternative sources such as the Internet. We are more than happy to fit customers’ own tyres. Our prices start from £10+VAT per tyre including balancing and disposal of the old tyre.

We can also offer a quality puncture repair service using approved repair techniques carried out by our own highly trained staff. Most tyre repairs can be carried out while you wait.

Help choosing the right tyres

We also appreciate that when it comes to choosing the right tyres, many people find it confusing. What do all the numbers mean? What size do I need? What brand of tyre is best for my car and the nature of my driving? The best thing you can do is to bring your car to us at Hampton Motors and our experts will make sure you get the most suitable tyre to meet your requirements. It is, after all, essential for your safety that the right type and size of tyre is fitted.

So what do all the numbers and letters on tyres actually mean?

For the curious, here’s a brief summary.

The main markings on a standard UK tyre will look something like this: 205/55R16 91V where:

  • 205 is the width (in mm) of the tyre from sidewall to sidewall.
  • 55 is the profile height (or aspect ratio) of the tyre. This is a percentage of the tyre width so in our example the tyre height is 55% of 205mm.
  • R means that it is a “radial” tyre which is just the method of construction. Practically all tyres made are radial.
  • 16 is the wheel diameter from rim to rim, measured in inches.
  • 91 is the maximum load carrying capacity of the tyre. A load index of 91 equates to 615kg.
  • V is the maximum speed capability of the tyre. A speed rating of ‘V’ equates to a maximum speed capability of 149mph.

Note that it is strongly recommended to always fit tyres that meet the specification as originally stated by the car manufacturer.

Confused? It can be somewhat bewildering but remember that’s what we’re here for. You don’t need to worry about all these numbers and letters. Our tyre experts know all this back to front and you can therefore rest assured that we will always fit the most suitable tyre for your car. Just pop into our Warrington garage and we’ll do the rest.

Tyre Disposal

All removed tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner using an approved tyre recycling contractor.


Exhaust Fitting Services

A faulty exhaust can cause you fines from the Police, damage to your car, your engine, failed MOTs and become a noise nuisance to those around you.

Exhaust Fitting

Hampton Motors in Warrington are able to supply complete exhaust systems for any make of car and fit them with the precision you would expect from a garage known for exceptional standards of work. We can supply and fit any exhaust parts including catalytic converters and part systems as required.

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